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Professional General Contractor

We are a general contractor construction company, providing various construction services in the Residential & Commercial sector. The company came into existence in 2023 and the Founder is Kamaljeet Singh. Unlike many immigrants, Kamal came to this land of opportunities ‘Canada’ in 2015. Kamal has an engineering background and Back home he worked with an MNC machine manufacturer as an Engineer in the R&D department.
He got attracted to construction because unlike back home here in Canada residential construction is based upon science known as building science, so he started his carrier by volunteering. Looking at his interest and his skills he was offered the position of PM by a know builder company in GTA. To learn construction deeply and thoroughly he has gone through various online courses and George brown college’s continuing education program. He spent around 6 years working as PM and managed various turn-key projects ranging from small washroom remodeling, basement renovation, home extension, and commercial offices to big custom homes.
He started this venture having the vision to provide affordable solution-based services to customers’ needs. Kamal has a keen interest in affordable housing and energy-efficient homes, which is the need in the near future. And he is working on his plan to achieve his goal.

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We Provide service pre-construction & construction services in the both residential and commercial sectors, we offer the following services

No project is too small or too big for us, it includes

Residential New addition

Commercial Projects

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